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I am able to login to this site (Meta SO) using OpenID

I cannot do the same at Stack Overflow - I get an error. Doesn't it make sense to allow an alternative way of logging in? If the OpenID fails, then people are left without any way to login. I really need to get in today to check something and no matter what I do it will not allow me. Clearly OpenID is ok because I used it to get into this site.

What's going on with SO?


After the 15th repeated attempt I was finally able to login. But my point I think is still valid, what does one do in the event that the OpenID system fails?

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There was a DNS issue on one of the web servers. It was unable to resolve any internet domain names. Should be resolved now.

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Ah, I see. Thanks Jeff :) But should there be an alternative way to login? Or is this overkill given how simple the OpenID system is? Is there a way to tie users to their openIDs on your side? (I am not too familliar with the technical details) – user130690 Sep 8 '09 at 17:23

What provider do you use? It's likely their fault - in which case you might want to use a different provider.

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I did think about that. I used google, however thinking it might be google, and not caring what provider I use, I tried some others, yahoo and livejournal - both of which I have an account, and no dice, same error there. – user130690 Sep 8 '09 at 16:48

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