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I have a question regarding favorites tags. I have added ruby as my favorite tag. However, most of the people who want ask question on ruby-on-rails tag, they tag ruby as well.

So when I click on ruby tag, I see all the questions with ruby-on-rails as well.

I know there is way in search filter where you can ignore the tags that you don't want.

e.g. I want to list all the questions that are tagged ruby but want to ignore any question which is tagged ruby as well as ruby-on-rails. I can do this by tying [ruby] -[ruby-on-rails] in the search box.

Question: How to implement this feature in my favorites tabs? Right now, I have ruby in my favorites tab which will also list the ruby-on-rails questions.

THis link shows a promising answer but I cannot find those option.

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You can modify your ignored tags at profile -> preferences or on the right side of the page when listing questions:

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Thanks. this will still show me ignored tab...but yeah, it will be kind of faded saying that question belongs to ignored tab. – slayedbylucifer Dec 14 '13 at 10:51

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