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Could you add a menu option for getting a permalink to the current question, so that it can be viewed in a browser when needed? Or just a share button which can copy links also (just like they do in pocket).

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This is a good thing to request. However, I suspect you were being downvoted for the demanding nature of the question, so I've edited away everything that isn't just the request. They apparently had higher priorities than a share button at the start, and complaining it should have been there already won't get it put there any faster. –  doppelgreener Dec 20 '13 at 6:28
Thanks, and I'm really sorry if I have hurt somebodys feelings. –  Binoy Babu Dec 20 '13 at 7:27

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To answer a sentence from your original phrasing,

This feature should have been implemented from the start.

Agreed, it should have. And it was.

screenhots of the question options dialog

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Missed that. Can I request the same options to be added to the options menu? Would be much more discoverable. Thanks, and I'm accepting the answer. –  Binoy Babu Dec 21 '13 at 17:25
Now this has been answered, does that mean we're stuck with the share feature hidden away like that? How do I upvote this feature request? Not sure the SO format is right for dev requests imho –  Hippyjim Mar 13 at 8:09
I had to attempt to post the exact same question just to get here and find out it was already implemented. Sigh –  Matt R May 28 at 0:56
I came to post the exact same question as well. As part of a good user interface, I would recommend adding the "share" button to the context menu (the built-in "menu" button on most phones), instead of just leaving it on that pop-up menu. –  anorton Jul 14 at 2:42

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