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I came across a question, well there is more than one question hidden in there. Firstly the obvious one, difference between DI and Separated Interfaces. There's also a package management question in there, as to where to put the interfaces and why.

These are both good questions but should we be answering multiple questions in a single post because like the comment says, it's a little lengthy. How should we deal with it if not?

I'm tempted to continue this onto "Is there functionality to split a question in two? if not, should there be?" but that would be ironically asking two questions in one post

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Closing as too broad with a comment suggesting a split is how I deal with these – Richard Tingle Dec 20 '13 at 9:52

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When coming across a question with multiple (only vaguely related) questions within it I will usually vote to close as too broad and leave a comment explaining that one question should be asked individually.

This is important because an answer may give an excellent answer to one sub question but a terrible answer to another. Under these circumstances the voting system breaks down

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