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In an effort to unashamedly pursue cool looking hats like these improve the quality of the glorious SO forums, it seems that whereas the Close Votes queue looks my work inbox after spending so much time on SO during Winterbash rather overwhelming, all the other queues seem like my bank balance after Xmas rather anemic.

As a result, I rather feel like any new posts which do make it into queues like First Posts, Late Answers et al get gobbled up like a lone steak tossed to a pack of wolves processed rather quickly, to the point where the post has already been stolen by cretinous fellow hat snatchers actioned by other esteemed members.

Would SE be open to any ideas on how to improve the Queue status quo, e.g. by deviously closing a few Close Vote posts and reflagging these as Vote to Reopen instead, raising the bar on the Close Vote queue, whilst lowering the requisite counts on the less bloated queues?

Merry Winterbash!

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Ha, see the full one billion ideas to solve the close queue problem here –  Richard Tingle Dec 20 '13 at 14:09
FWIW, this is not just a Winterbash thing. The only one that is ever (semi-reliably) non-empty besides CV is suggested edits. –  Geobits Dec 20 '13 at 14:11
Hmmm ... this was more about how to make the other queues big enough so's we can get our marshall badges and cool Winter bash hats rather than kick the CV problem down the road a bit further. :-) So can we vote to reopen so someone can get a Reopen review :-) –  StuartLC Dec 20 '13 at 19:03
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