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This is intended to be the non-secret counterpart to How Do I Get the Winterbash 2013 Secret Hats?

Some of the descriptions of how to earn a hat on the Winter Bash 2013 page are confusing or incomplete.

How exactly can I earn these hats?

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Feel free to edit this to add more hats!


hit the daily reputation cap

Earn 200 reputation on a single site, within one day (as defined by UTC Time).

enter image description here Sock Puppet

ask and answer your own question, each with a score of 1 or more

enter image description here Do the Swim!

review 5 items

Complete 5 or more reviews of any type.

enter image description here Lonesome Cowboy

earn the tumbleweed badge

Earn the "Tumbleweed" badge, which states:

[Ask] a question with no votes, no answers, no comments, and low views for a week.

enter image description here The Milliner

earn 20 hats

From Michael Hampton's answer:

You need to earn 20 hats, after the start of Winter Bash, on a single site. You then earn The Milliner hat on that site. (Which means you could earn it more than once...)

This is the same way the Johnny Three-hats hat works.

enter image description here Marauder

steal an accepted answer checkmark by posting a better answer

Post an answer on a question that already has an accepted answer, and have the poster of the question accept your answer over the previously accepted answer.

enter image description here Passed Judgement

participate in closing or deleting a question

Adapted from How do I earn the "Passed Judgement" and "Reanimated" hats?

[You can earn this hat from] flags (as pointed out by PeterJ) and close-votes, and the question does actually have to be closed for you to earn the hat. The same applies to "Reanimated" and reopen votes...deleting your own question does not give you the hat.

enter image description here Reanimated

participate in reopening or undeleting a question

Adapted (heavily) from How do I earn the "Passed Judgement" and "Reanimated" hats?

Vote to undelete or reopen a question. The question does actually have to be reopened or undeleted for you to earn the hat. Undeleting or reopening your own question does not give you the hat.

enter image description here Old Hat

have a user account created in the first month of the site's existence

According to balpha'a answer on How do I earn the Old Hat hat?:

the user's creation date (hover over the "member for" value on the use profile for the precise time) is before the time when the site's Community user (user id -1) turned 31 days.

Anna Lear says:

...private beta sites launched during Winterbash will be excluded from the event and you can't earn any hats on them.

Archaeologist Hat

All known secret hats:

How Do I Get the Winterbash 2013 Secret Hats?

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With everyone being so concerned about gaming the system, I'm curious why a hat that's so ridiculously easy to game (The Marauder) was created? All you need is a sock puppet or a cohort on SO and that hat is yours. Now, before anyone starts in with, "Well, who cares?", it's obvious that people do care about gaming the system. I, myself, have made a few suggestions in the past 2 months that were heavily downvoted because "they're too easy to game". – Johnny Bones Dec 21 '13 at 17:02
@JohnnyBones I completely agree. – The Guy with The Hat Dec 21 '13 at 17:03
I see you don't have a Marauder. I'll swap one of my answers if you'll swap one of yours. ;o) – Johnny Bones Dec 21 '13 at 17:08
@JohnnyBones ok shur tats a gr8 idia we shud rily do dat rite nao cuz i liek hat lez do it wich anser does u wunt me 2 swap acepts on – The Guy with The Hat Dec 21 '13 at 17:11
No! You were supposed to ask in your Pirate voice! Forget it... – Johnny Bones Dec 21 '13 at 17:14
@JohnnyBones But I'm not a pirate, I'm some idiot who wants to game a hat. – The Guy with The Hat Dec 21 '13 at 17:15

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