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I have my flair (<script> snippet) on my webpage and I would like to have an image or a text right next to it.

Like this: [flair] [my object]

The only way I've managed to handle it so far is like this:
[my object] or the other way around.

I've tried adding "display: inline" and "float: left / right" to both the elements (both separately and also to both at the same time). Which in my case are the <script> and a <h1>.
After thinking about these for a while I came to conclusion that the script tag doesn't really work as normal HTML tag but more like a shortcut to longer code, so whatever CSS styles I add to it will be added to nothing.

Is there any other way than using table? I've been told tables aren't supposed to be used as layout so I guess it would be a lazy workaround to give up and go for the table.

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Sounds like an SO question... – Ladybug Killer Sep 11 '09 at 10:40
Hehe, ok. I just thought to put it here because SO is asking me "is your question about programming?" haven't really considered HTML / CSS programming. Because flair is SO related I thought this would be the place. :-/ – user135712 Sep 11 '09 at 12:33

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Use CSS-Positioning. If float isn't working, try some relative and absolute positions.

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