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So, we now have the breaking-bad tag on Chemistry. The posts there aren't really bad ones, some, like this one, have really interesting answers. It also might be helping drive traffic to the site.

I've remarked before (in jest), that a things-I-won't-work-with or derek-lowe tag would be nice to have to keep track of the questions sprouting from Derek Lowe's blog series that has prompted a couple of posts on our site.

Appropriateness of these specific tags aside, in general how appropriate are tags that describe what sparked the question rather than what the question is about?

They seem to be a form of meta tag, but I'm not sure.

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4 (or less) appropriate (& required) tags + 1 meta-ish tag == +Okay (Good for traffic & some fun)

However, if we have no slot for the 5th tag (more important tag needs to be in place) then the actually necessary tag deserves the 5th slot. The Breaking Bad reference can be given as an edit to the question, IMO. (preserving the traffic pull maybe?)

The above is for times when we don't have a heck load of tv-serials linked questions pouring in, in that case we'ld need some different rules. For the time being, I would enjoy such tags being entertained, keeps us human. :)

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