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How can I use Google to identify Stack Overflow users in a city with a reputation higher than X?

I can get a list of Stack Overflow users in a city by doing a simple Google query such as the following: Singapore

Any ideas on how to enhance this query to rank by reputation or filter out all ratings below a certain amount?

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You can use such SEDE query:

SELECT TOP(200) Id As [User Link], WebsiteURL, Reputation, [Location]
FROM users 
WHERE Location LIKE '%Singapore%' 
    AND Reputation > '500'
ORDER BY Reputation DESC

In this example, you're looking for those over 500 rep.

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What happened to this? I would like to find a great home improvement person in my area by querying but I can't. – Carson Aug 28 '12 at 21:46
@Carson fixed now. – Shadow Wizard Apr 11 at 17:53

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