So we are 13 days into the public beta (according to Area 51) for Aviation, and I just noticed that I didn't get the Beta badge even though I participated in the private beta. Then I noticed that nobody else did either:

Aviation beta


The badges were awarded the day before yesterday. (32 days into public beta)

Not sure who did it or what triggered it though....

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Define "participated"… –  random Jan 7 at 6:15
@random: Upon further review, I got at least 10 bronze badges during the private beta. –  lnafziger Jan 7 at 6:23
There have also been a few times where the beta badge was slow to be awarded. Especially if nobody has it yet. –  Troyen Jan 7 at 6:41
@Troyen: And the accepted answer says that it needed to be fixed. Hence why I am bringing it up here. :) –  lnafziger Jan 7 at 6:44
Looks like it's a manual process and someone just forgot to do that. –  Shadow Wizard Jan 7 at 7:44
same situation over on eBooks –  Flyk Jan 7 at 9:02
It is a manually triggered badge because it's not one that usually runs often –  random Jan 7 at 13:25
@random Is someone going to manually trigger it then? ;-) –  lnafziger Jan 10 at 5:38
There can be a delay… –  random Jan 10 at 6:09
@Sklivvz 25 days are considered normal then? –  Shadow Wizard Jan 27 at 15:25
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