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Today I came across a couple of wiki-edits that are useless given the fact that either the tag was wrong, no questions existed for the tag or the tag should be a synonym request for synonym here

I do know that orphaned tags get soft deleted by the magic of the script of 03:00 UTC.

I did found this feature request that addresses the issue to gain reputation multiple times for editing the same tag.

Is the reputation gained from wiki's edits that only exist for less then 24 hours reverted?

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Is the reputation gained from wiki's edits that only exist for less then 24 hours reverted?

No, it's not reverted which is indeed weird since reputation gained for suggested edit on a post that is deleted does get reverted. Guess it's because the tag wiki doesn't really disappear, just "orphaned".

Proof can be found in this user profile, look under Jan 6, 2014:

See the item in rec circle? It gives +2 and leads to http://stackoverflow.com/q/20949878 which does not exist anymore (looks like the tag was synonomized with ). (this is the relevant suggested edit)

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Thanks for the free-hand circle +1. There is a twist in it which is why I didn't want to make it a feature-request or bug yet. In a lot of cases I see high-rep users in their tag actively maintain and improve the wiki. it feels unfair to those highly-valued users if removing such tag-wikis would reduce their reputation. That is the reason I added the 24-hours criterium. I'm not sure yet if the behavior should be how to reputation is reverted on suggested-edits when the post is removed. –  rene Jan 7 at 17:07

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