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I failed this review audit, and it seems unfair.

The "show differences" tab showed one word changed from interestring to interesting, with no other revisions. This seems like more of a trick than an audit. If a question is closed, fixing a minor typo will not make it a valid question afterwards. I assumed (apparently wrongly) that the question was closed for a valid reason. Am I not to assume that?

I understand that a question may have been hastily or unfairly closed, but isn't that why close votes are reviewed and audited as well? I also understand that a question such as this with tags on which I am unfamiliar should probably be skipped.

Nevertheless, I recommend that the reopen queue have audits with clearly bad questions which have been edited to make them clearly good questions, or just have clearly good questions with no revision history.

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You shouldn't assume that the question was closed for a valid reason. Part of the reason for re-opening questions it to act as a fall-back for when a question is incorrectly closed. By denying people that chance you're actively working against people trying to do the correct thing.

Approach each question in the re-open queue separately. If you think, in isolation, that the question should be re-opened (remembering the guidance in help etc) then vote to re-open.

Don't assume that people know everything, or were correct previously.

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Or click skip when you smell this flavor of rat. – Rosinante Jan 13 '14 at 19:47

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