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Currently, the only way to vote to delete (and undelete, since you can't see deleted posts) in the Android app is to open the post in a browser, and then vote to delete from there.

Can we get delete vote functionality within the app?

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Note: This feature also talks about self-deletion on question and answer, since by pressing "delete" on own post, you're actually voting to delete the post. –  Andrew T. Jan 28 at 6:19
Came across this today. I fat-fingered and wrote a comment as an answer by mistake, and had to reach allll the way across my desk and open up the lappy toppy to delete it. #FWP. I would consider it a win even if I could only delete my own answer. I don't care if I don't see it once it's deleted, if that's the holdup. –  yshavit 14 hours ago

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According to Kasra Rahjerdi in his own words:

I'm saying I don't want there to be a "delete" button in app unless we have all the logic of what to happens alongside it mapped out since not being able to view deleted questions at all via the API makes it tricky. FWIW I'm one of the upvotes on the feature request you linked. – Kasra Rahjerdi♦

So as long as viewing deleted question is not possible in android app, there will be no feature to delete questions or answers from the android app.

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