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I want to edit a tag wiki but there is not any option to edit on the tag. Why?

enter image description here

Why are only a few options showing?

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I can't see the issue in my system. – Azik Jan 23 '14 at 9:27
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You are currently banned from suggesting edits due to having too many of your suggestions rejected. It clears in 5 days. Until then, you also cannot suggest edits on tag wikis or their excerpts.

Since tag wikis are slightly different in display (it shows a big black "Edit Tag Wiki" button rather than a normal edit link), the edit button just doesn't show up when you're not allowed to do so.

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Case in point, your suggested edit here,@Shrawan , just made some words that didn't need to be italic italic and introduced a gramatical mistake. Try to make suggested edits bigger (and better) than that or not at all – Richard Tingle Jan 25 '14 at 12:12

As animuson notes, you been temporarily banned from suggesting edits. While waiting for the ban to clear, you may want to take a look at your past edit suggestions and see why they have been rejected.

From what I see at a glance, your biggest issue seems to be that you've been making a lot of small formatting edits that not only don't substantially improve the post, but it's not always even clear if they improve it at all.

In particular, please keep in mind that:

  • In correct English typography, there should not be a space before punctuation like :, ? or !. Edits that add such spaces are simply incorrect.

  • Italics and bold text should be used very sparingly, if at all. (I probably over-use them myself.) When editing a post, please don't add them unless it's really necessary to communicate the intended meaning of the original poster.

  • The same goes for code markup, which should be used only for actual pieces of literal code embedded in text. In particular, it generally should not be used for common English words like "array" that just happen to match a programming language keyword.

  • Finally, suggested edits should be substantial to avoid wasting the time of reviewers and to avoid needlessly bumping posts to the front page. If the only corrections you'd like to make to a post are minor spelling or formatting changes like those discussed above, you should generally just leave it alone. See How do suggested edits work? for more information.

For example, compare this edit of yours (which somehow got approved(!) despited introducing a random "*emphasized text*" snippet into the post) with the followup edit by Uooo that actually improved the post's formatting substantially (and reverted most of your gratuitous formatting changes, too). Mind you, I wouldn't necessarily call Uooo's edit perfect either, but at least it left the post looking significantly better than it was before.

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