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I committed and joined in private beta. As per private beta privilege page casting close and reopen votes requires only 1 reputation. So anyone is able to access close votes and reopen votes review queues. But there is no link of the review page in the top bar or anywhere. So I thought I am not able to access any review queue. I opened the review page by typing the URL manually (to see review statistics for curiosity). But I found that I can access close & reopen votes review queues.

Probably I won't be able to access any review queue if I have less than 350 and the site goes to public beta. But during private beta off topics, unclear, or closable questions are likely to come. So it is very important to close/reopen them during private beta.

So can we please add the "review" link in the top bar if I am able to review some queues?

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We got the same with private beta. – PiTheNumber Feb 12 '14 at 21:05
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Fixed rolling out with next build - rev 2014.4.18.2176 on meta and rev 2014.4.18.1558 on sites.

The link should appear as soon as you have the minimal required rep for any of the review queues enabled on the site.

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