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Are we allowed to create android app which points to stack overflow sites ? Can we name it "StackOverFlow" ? Will it cause any legal issues ? How can we do that ?

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I'll let someone more familiar with the TOS comment on the legality of naming it... but creating the app certainly won't be a problem. Several apps already exist, and Stack Exchange is developing their own (in Beta testing now). –  psubsee2003 Jan 27 at 10:12
stackexchange.com/legal –  Oded Jan 27 at 10:12
@psubsee2003 - The android app is now in the app store, in open Beta. –  Oded Jan 27 at 10:13
@thank Oded, missed that bit of news... I have edited –  psubsee2003 Jan 27 at 10:13
Legal and even encouraged assuming you're using the API properly and give proper attribution. :-) –  Shadow Wizard Jan 27 at 10:13
@psubsee2003 - it happened over this weekend, so understandable ;) –  Oded Jan 27 at 10:14
Where can i get API for that ? Do they charge for that ? –  vengets Jan 27 at 10:22
To get you started: stackapps.com –  rene Jan 27 at 10:27
@vengets they don't charge anything, more views means more money to SE after all. :) –  Shadow Wizard Jan 27 at 10:32
I'm fairly certain you can't call it that name... "Including one of the terms, "Stack" or "Exchange" or "Overflow" in your product name is generally okay." ... "Do not use our name in the name of your product.". –  ben is uǝq backwards Jan 27 at 13:13

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