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(App version 1.0.2)

The Help screen says bugs should be reported on Meta Stack Overflow (with a link). However, when I click on the link, then select the "Q" icon in the action bar, and it asks "Ask on which site?"*, Meta Stack Overflow is not in the list and no results come up when I type the name.

*which is weird, because I'm already in Meta Stack Overflow

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I can ask meta.so questions in the app. [proof]. Okay this was posted with 1.0.1 but in 1.0.2 I have the same options and I can ask questions.

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I just attempted to post a new question on meta and it was selected by default for me. –  Joe W Jan 28 at 13:48
Me too. The app just wanted to show my last already posted question. Possible another bug. –  rekire Jan 28 at 13:50

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