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It's difficult to test this without setting up a new account, and asking myself a question...

When including a @username in a comment, does it need whitespace after the username for the notification to work?

For instance, if I say something like...

Thanks @username, that worked perfectly

... will @username get the notification?

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reply to me and I'll tell you :P –  OGHaza Jan 29 at 12:09
Thanks @OGHaza, that's a good idea! –  freefaller Jan 29 at 12:10
got the notification :) –  OGHaza Jan 29 at 12:10
Excellent, thanks for that @OGHaza, it's put my mind at ease :-) –  freefaller Jan 29 at 12:11
@OGHaza_You_Need_Only_First_Three_Letters_For_Notification. –  hims056 Jan 29 at 12:11
@him were you expecting extra letters to still notify me? –  OGHaza Jan 29 at 12:13
From the faq: Single trailing punctuation such as a dot, comma or colon is ignored, like @name, yes works, but @name... no does not. –  Shadow Wizard Jan 29 at 12:15
@OGHaza... you will not be notified now. :-) –  Shadow Wizard Jan 29 at 12:16
Thank @ShadowWizard, that's really useful. I'd completely forgotten that the notification would also work with a single commenter. I'll have to remember the ... rule, as I quite often do that –  freefaller Jan 29 at 12:17
Why don't you update your answer, @OGHaza, with this notification... as that will prove you got it with other commentators on the question –  freefaller Jan 29 at 12:21
Yes, @AlienArrays, I did get that notification –  freefaller Jan 29 at 12:22
Sorry, @AlienArrays, I've just realised that I would get your notification ANYWAY, even if you hadn't put my username, as I am the original poster –  freefaller Jan 29 at 12:25
youtellme@AlienArraysdidit? <- hims056 reply to be earlier didn't notify me so I imagine the additional letters on the end are a deal breaker. –  OGHaza Jan 29 at 12:30
@AlienArrays nope, it was considered one word or more likely partial email address ;) –  Shadow Wizard Jan 29 at 12:30
Author of the post always gets a notification for any comment on his post @AlienArrays –  hims056 Jan 29 at 12:30

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Exhibit A

enter image description here

Exhibit B

enter image description here

Additional information gathered from the comments:

  • If you're the only commenter or the post author, you'll be notified whether they @Reply you or not.
  • Single punctuation marks are ignored, but multiple are not so @OGHaza, works but not @OGHaza...
  • You only need the first 3 letters of the username to notify the user @OGH
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Even if he didn't write your name with @, you would have get the notification since there was no other commentators at that time. –  hims056 Jan 29 at 12:14
haha I had no idea, ah well... –  OGHaza Jan 29 at 12:14
updated but then I noticed the duplicate link in the comments that explains it all much better ;) –  OGHaza Jan 29 at 12:28
Indeed, but at least you get a few reps for this answer :) Thanks for your help –  freefaller Jan 29 at 12:29

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