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The "Recent achievements" icon (looks like a bar graph in the top bar for signed in users) doesn't highlight when one only has recent reputation losses.

I'd like it to highlight whenever my reputation changes, positive or negative - in fact I'd suggest it's far more important for me to review posts that get a downvote than those that got an upvote.

Is there a reason negative reputation events don't cause it to highlight?

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Because it's not an "achievement" to get negative rep. –  Vote to Close Feb 4 at 20:16
The graph icon shows a drop in the fourth position. Not that this implies anything of course... –  Matthew Lundberg Feb 4 at 20:29
It is a long standing design decision - we don't give real time notification of negative things. –  Oded Feb 4 at 21:16
@Oded So SE models itself in accordance with the law of attraction? –  Vote to Close Feb 5 at 3:17
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We want to let you know about good things as soon as they happen - that's what our real-time notifications are for.

Negative reputation changes are... well... negative. So we are not in a hurry to let you know about them.

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So for users interested in improving questions that receive downvotes, there's no notification for them, by design? Seems like a gap to me. –  Adam Davis Feb 4 at 21:30
@AdamDavis - What's the immediacy? The information is one click away, in the achievement dropdown, even if not highlighted in a notification. –  Oded Feb 4 at 21:36
Your question suggests that reputation increases have more immediate value than decreases, but a little critical thinking should demonstrate the opposite. Posts receiving downvotes need more immediate attention than those receiving upvotes. I, in fact, want notices on all voting activity, but right now don't get such notice for reputation loss, nor community wiki upvotes/downvotes of any kind - those don't even show up in the box. –  Adam Davis Feb 4 at 23:00
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