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If you look closely it seems that "Not the answer you're looking for?..." overlaps the "Protected..." portion see image attachment.

enter image description here

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Could you add a link to that question and your browser version ! ? –  Hugo Dozois Feb 5 at 17:43
Sorry it was the webmaster's site (beta, stackexchange). Browser is chrome Version 32.0.1700.107 m –  JonH Feb 5 at 17:45

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The overlap is caused by the CSS rule margin-bottom: -5px applied to the .question-status class. Simply deactivating the rule eliminates it, although it still doesn't leave any actual margin between the status box and the notice below it.

Changing the status box styling is somewhat complicated by the fact that, apparently, it can appear in many locations. For example, here on MSO, it's apparently placed just below the question, but above the answers, while on web apps the placement is like in your screenshot.

One simple fix that should cause any unwanted side effects would be to add the following CSS rule:

.question-status + .bottom-notice { margin-top: 15px }

This will add an extra 15px margin to the "Not the answer you're looking for?" notice whenever it appears below the question status box, canceling the negative margin on the box and adding 10 pixels of actual margin for legibility.

Edit: While waiting for a proper fix from the SE devs, I've added the fix above to Stack Overflow Unofficial Patch 1.8.

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