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I've created a personal home page which aggregates the things I'm interested in (since Google killed iGoogle). This includes my flair but I would really like to have the stack-exchange top bar with its notifications. I tried adding an iframe with stackoverflow.com as its src but this doesn't work, apparently it requires being the top document.

My request is to have a way to add a stack-exchange top-bar to other sites.

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I don't think we'll support this for a variety of reasons.

  • It makes it seem like you have an official site that's part of the network, that's surely a source of confusion.
  • We'd have to open cross-site scripting possibilities and lowering our framing guards
  • An <iframe> doesn't work unless the dropdowns could escape anyway, this breaks in most browsers (as it should)
  • People think they're logged into your website, or we'd have to actually open global auth to everyone (again a huge security hole)

There are other reasons not to do this, but those are the blockers off the top of my head. Note that you can however use the API, specifically the inbox to fetch the data you're after and render it in the page.

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