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Currently, if you have ignored tags, you get the following message at the bottom of most question list pages (like the main page):

Hiding questions because of your Ignored Tags preferences for tags:


Can we perhaps get something like the following added to this message:

Reload the page ignoring these preferences

If you note the link, you'll see I added ?withIgnoredTags (feel free to suggest / implement something better), which would follow a similar format to already existing functionality, e.g. the page number - ?page=1.

Needless to say, clicking here would reload the page and display questions even if they contain of your ignored tags, but displaying the ignored tags is temporary (based solely on whether the flag appears in the URL) - it would not change your ignored tags preferences - if you go to another page, you'll still be ignoring the same tags.


Whether enough people would find this useful is up to you, but I certainly would - sometimes I want to look only at questions with tags I'm not ignoring, and other times I want to look at all questions - favouriting won't really work as I typically want to see tags I don't explicitly want to avoid.

This would also help with the following scenario (to which I suggested a multi-layer favourite / ignore tags system some time ago, which would become largely obsolete, at least for me) - I don't, for example, want to see questions in general, but when I look at questions, I do want to see them, as these questions often allow for a non-language-specific answer.

Presumably the above bar is only displayed when you have ignored tags, thus this change won't bug you if don't. It also shouldn't take up too much space if displayed - we might even be able to put it on the same line as "Hiding questions ..." and/or shorten it to, for example:

Reload ignoring preferences


Reload with ignored tags

Compromise - hidden feature

I'd also be perfectly happy if this was more of a hidden feature - adding ?withIgnoredTags to the URL would work to do the above, but there is no link on the page. Although it would probably make sense to have a link / mention of it somewhere.

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