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I accidentally upvoted an answer and I was looking for a way to cancel it, but the only thing I can do is downvote. I'm I missing something or this feature is not implemented?

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Hey why the downvote? It's not very intuitive to me. – Carlo Sep 18 '09 at 16:38

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Clicking the upvote arrow again will undo the upvote (the same with the downvote arrow and a downvote). However, if you do not undo your up or downvote within 5 minutes after casting it, you cannot undo the vote until or unless the post is edited.

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Guess it's too late now to undo the upvote then... lucky guy. – Carlo Sep 17 '09 at 21:40

Click the Upvote image again.

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you can click on upvote link again, and if you're quick enough you vote will be canceled. I'm usually not that quick.

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If you hover over the upvote or downvote triangle, you will get a tooltip that says "... (click again to undo)"

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