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I know on the desktop site there is a limit of 5 seconds on adding new comments. This also applies to deleting comments.

Does the same logic apply on the Android app? I have seen a message for adding comments, but not for deleting them.

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Did you try it? –  Shadow Wizard Mar 18 at 8:46
Yes. It doesn't appear to show me a message saying there is a limit, but only when deleting comments –  RGraham Mar 18 at 8:46
So most likely it's an overlook on their side... enjoy this power while you can! :-) –  Shadow Wizard Mar 18 at 8:48
support? or feature-request? or bug? –  Azik Mar 18 at 8:51
@Azik At the moment it's Support because I can't say this with 100% certainty. If I can get someone to confirm/repro, then it becomes a bug :) –  RGraham Mar 18 at 8:51

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There is no limit on how fast you can delete comments in Android app, at least since it was removed for sites (so it can't be bug anymore); don't know if this limit existed earlier.

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