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I'm using the Android App v1.0.29 on a HTC One with Android 4.4.2, and I've noticed there's a little quirk in scrolling the question list: if I scroll almost to the top of the list, I won't be able to scroll up anymore - instead, dragging down will activate the refresh like I'm already at the top and there's nothing more to scroll. I run into this surprisingly often when scrolling back up through the list.

I'll illustrate through screenshots. Take note of the position of the top two questions in this screenshot of SO:

Scroll down, then back up again. Make sure the search bar pops out. Stop exactly so that slightly less than half of the top question is hidden behind the search bar. Remove your finger from the screen entirely.

Now try to scroll up again: in this case, I can't scroll and instead I'll be activating the refresh.

Another quirk that I don't run into often - but might help the devs understand what's going on - is that the same happens if I scroll down just a tiny bit in order to cover any portion of the search bar (but not all of it).

That's all!

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Both also reproduced on Nexus 4, Android 4.4.2, app 1.0.29. (most possibly not device-related)

The first case happens since the list already reaches the top. In other words, the top of the list is "displayed", but some part of it is hidden by the search-bar. Since the app assumes that, the pull-to-refresh then take action.

The second case's cause is clearer. Similar to the first case, the top of the list is already displayed, and the pull-to-refresh again will take action.

The fix to this is to also consider the search-bar height to be included for pull-to-refresh to take action.

In other words: allow pull-to-refresh only if both search-bar and the top question are fully displayed.

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