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Add a “Copy profile to sister sites” button


I've updated my SO profile to correct some information and to add some more, but when I see my SO-meta profile, the old information is there.

Shouldn't updating a profile on just one site updates it automatically in sister sites (SU, SF, meta-SO), or at least give an option to do so? It's really annoying to update my profile four times every time I want to edit something.

As I haven't entered the profile information manually the first time I've registered in a sister site, there should be an easy way to get the info from another site.


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I'm using a different display name here than in SO (admitedly, it was due to a joke), but I can see reasons to not enforce replication.

You already have a copy profile from button, but maybe a copy profile to all the rest of associated accounts would be enough to please your (and many others') need.

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Keep it up smeagols, Meta runs a little amok. – random Sep 21 '09 at 10:32
Amok? I learn something new every day. Alzeimer makes that easy. – perbert Sep 21 '09 at 11:31

The profiles are separate by design, after all you might want to emphasise different aspects of your work on each site.

Having said that a common core profile with separate specialist sections might be more user friendly.

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Display name, real name, website, age, location, ..etc. are common to all sites. And for me, I also want to have the same "About me" in all sites, but it does make sense to have a specialist zone. – Moayad Mardini Sep 21 '09 at 9:15

Another option might be to add a 'link profiles' checkbox, which could also be specific between pairs of sites. Most people probably want the same profile on all sites.

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