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I find revisions a really useful way to see full edit history of every post in Stack Exchange.

Can we please have it on the iOS app too? It will also let us see original time of the post submission which is missing, currently showing only last edit time.

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Please tell me there's a suggestion like this for the Android app. Otherwise... I'll post it. :P –  hichris123 Apr 4 at 21:58
@hichris123 looks like you have a green light to post the request! :-) –  Shadow Wizard Apr 4 at 22:03
meta.stackexchange.com/q/228440/237685. Done. :P –  hichris123 Apr 4 at 22:04
I think this feature is really necessary for the more moderating users (probably the ones who are like us now testing the alpha) –  Patrick Hofman Apr 7 at 16:27
@Arie, you got my hopes up when I saw you'd edited this ;) –  mhlester Apr 29 at 21:45

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This is another one of the three reasons I still have for exiting the app to the mobile site, but it's a tricky one to implement. I've made a pretty ambitious first stab at a mockup:

  1. Access through the EllipsiSideways.

    enter image description here

  2. New window slides open, with list of revisions. Actual implementation maybe shouldn't attribute everything to me. Open to debate though.

    enter image description here

  3. Tapping one brings up that particular revision:

    enter image description here

It's a lot of work, and a lot of new pages. Working through this, I can understand why this hasn't been done yet. Hopefully this workflow is a good start for the conversation though, as it's a valuable tool to have.

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Nice, though I believe they already got something planned somewhere. :-) –  Shadow Wizard May 9 at 22:20
Oh yeah?! Cool! Where did you hear that? –  mhlester May 9 at 22:21
Just a hunch. 😎 –  Shadow Wizard May 9 at 22:21
This, reputation, and answer sorting are the three things I routinely have to exit the app for –  mhlester May 9 at 22:22

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