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If you are like me1, you've figured out that help is divided into 7 categories:

You'll see these categories in the sidebar when you click on any of these links. When you go to the help center front page, many of the lines of text are links. But not the categories themselves:

Help center missing links.

I know the » View more link will take you to the relevant category, but my brain2 would rather go to the specific category I'm looking for (and looking at) than a generic bit of text somewhere below. Can the categories get links too?

1. Not a fair assumption, really. But I suspect some people are like me at least in so far as they have noticed this too.

2. Not all brains work like this, I suppose. But mine does.

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Seems a bit weird to just make everything a link there. Headers are headers, and not linking them seems fairly logical. Then again, as you predicted, I'm not like you. :) –  Anna Lear Apr 4 at 23:18
An anchor tag seems perfectly reasonable though, with a ¶ character on hover perhaps? That's what the Python documentation does and it works great –  mhlester Apr 5 at 0:26

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