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How can I see the history of close voting on a question? I'd like to see when votes were made, when they aged away, etc.

  • The question timeline at /posts/<question-id>/timeline does not show this information.

  • The suggestions in Any way to view close history of a question? only work if the question has been closed. It doesn't show vote history.

I would like to see this information for question such as Are there alternatives to cglib?, which is patently off-topic but hasn't yet been closed. Due to the high view count, I wonder if the close votes are just ageing away each time someone tries to close it down. If I could see this in some kind of history, I'd consider flagging for moderator attention.

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At the risk of being proven wrong, I'd guess that VTC + downvote is more effective than simply VTC on a highly voted question. – devnull Apr 11 '14 at 9:27
@devnull Perhaps. I tend not to DV unless the question is poor. For all I know, this was on-topic in 2010. – Duncan Apr 11 '14 at 9:39

There's no query in SEDE that you could make to find this information.

I guess it's possible that you could visit that question at least once a day and keep track of how many current close votes it has, and compare that from the previous day. But other than that, or some like script to take a screen shot of that page each day, there isn't a simple way to just view this information.

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