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I am trying to change my OpenId from my old email address to a new one. The problem is, I have logged in accidentally with my new account in the past, and so I have an empty account that I don't use, so I cannot change the email address on my current account (account already exists), and when I try to add a new OpenId, I see a "Page not found" error.

How can I remove the empty account and change the OpenId on the current account to use that email address?

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About binding your OpenId to your account

You can send an email to with links to both user accounts which need to be merged

About the Page not found bug

After switching accounts (from account 1 to account 2), you were redirected to the user 1 info page, which you couldn't access anymore (since you are now logged-in as user 2): this should now be fixed!

In this case, you will now be redirected to the user info page for the correct account (the one you are logged-in with)

Thank you for the report !

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Thanks you very much! – Mehran Apr 22 '14 at 9:03

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