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I was trying to post http://craphound.com/overclocked/Cory_Doctorow_-_Overclocked_-_When_Sysadmins_Ruled_the_Earth.html as a link in the chat room. When it rendered, it first showed:


Then, I tried [Read this](http://craphound.com/overclocked/…Overclocked-_When_Sysadmins_Ru‌​led_the_Earth.html), and got a URL reading:


I thing there's an issue with the markdown...

Bob found a way to post it:


Using the URL Encoding characters, assuming it is actually the %2D. I feel this should get fixed though, as not everyone will know the URL Encoding versions of their URLs.

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At least the [link](http://like-this) version works now. – balpha Oct 10 '14 at 10:10

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