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Currently, my completeness score on my SO careers profile is incorrect, because of the personal statement. I have filled out a personal statement, which is over 400 characters, as the objective states, and yet it still shows a 0/20.Bug Image

If I copy and paste my personal statement, directly from my profile, it turns out to be:Word Count Pic

Is this already a known issue, or is this a new problem? I could not find anything about this, searching both meta SE and doing a google search, but this is had no hits that matched well.

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The "Personal Statement" appears at the top of the profile. Yours is empty at the moment. The field you do have populated is actually the "Background" field.

You can add a Personal Statement by editing your profile and looking for the "Start one now" link toward the top. It'll appear as follows: screenshot of top of profile page, showing the explanatory text for Personal Statement field

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Thank you! I feel a bit stupid, but this completely clears up the problem :) – Pip May 13 '14 at 20:57
No problem. It's fair to say that's not the clearest part of the interface :) – Mike May 13 '14 at 21:24

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