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This may be a duplicate question, if so, I apologize, but sincerely could not find it.

I have 6 Stack Exchange communities that I am a member of, the 6th I just added today. For some reason it's not "linking" to the rest of my accounts. When I go to my profile page in one of the first 5 communities, the 6th does show up under "Accounts". Also, when I click on the "StackExchange" dropdown in the upper left corner, the 6th doesn't show up under "Your Communities"; and when I click on that community under "More Stack Exchange Communities", it takes me to it, but logs me in under some other login (user######) that I don't recognize. What's going on?

Please help, this is really strange and I don't want to lose anything from any of my communities.


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@ChrisF Not sure if I used my OpenID account. When I signed up, I used the same email, password, etc. as for the other 5 communities. How to I migrate this to Meta Stack Exchange? – iwantmyphd May 17 '14 at 23:36
I see 6 sites against your account. Is this still a problem? – Oded May 18 '14 at 7:29

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