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In Let me vote to move my own questions to a different site (SO | SU | SF), the asker wants to know why he can't vote to close his question for it to be moved. Migrate my questions was successively asked.

I've voted for a couple of my questions on Stack Overflow to be moved, now that there is a more directly-better place for them to live (e.g. Super User or Server Fault).
Why can't I, as the question author, move it on my own? Shouldn't I not need other approval to move it?

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I agree, if you can close your own questions, you should also have the ability to migrate them. It would also make things a bit easier for the moderators.

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What alex said - with the provision for some sort of limit on the number of moves and/or time between moves.

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I agree the ability to move authored questions between sites would be very helpful. Sometimes I make a post and realize I was on the wrong site.

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