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I have installed the official Android app, and can input title and question.
But, when I tap on the tags field, I am taken to the tags screen which consists of a field with a magnifying glass to the left. If I type in tags, there is no sign of haptic feedback and the magnifier does not react.

If I tap on the 'DONE' button nothing appears in the tag list at the bottom of the screen. Subsequently, if I press 'SUBMIT' the app manks because no tags are present and I cannot post.

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This is about the official android app, right? – Awesome Poodles Jun 9 '14 at 23:33
This bug report might be more at home on Meta Stack Exchange. – Awesome Poodles Jun 9 '14 at 23:40

The behavior I've experienced is that with tags

  • If a tag already exists, I can search for it and click it.

  • If it doesn't exist (I have the rep to create one on this site), I can't create it.

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It seems the tags I tried to use were unknown and I need rep:150 although a little hint to let me know would tell where I am and not get stuck.

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