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Possible Duplicates:
Migrating questions causes too much visual noise
“Nicer” migration notice when closing questions as “belongs on X”

When a question is migrated, there are 8 links:

  • "migrated to {destination site}", where {destination site} is the link to the new question
  • "locked by {community}", where community is a link to the community user
  • "closed as belongs on {destination site} by {user1}, ... , {user5} {some time} ago" where {destination site} now goes to the site's home page, and user{n} are the user-profiles


  • it isn't very friendly; a lot of migrated questions are by new users - how about some cotton wool?
  • it isn't obvious which link takes you to the new question
  • the {community} line seems redundant, just adding confusion?
  • it is confusing that two links captioned the same go to different places

How about something more like:

It has been suggested that your question is more suited to {destination site}; your question has been migrated automatically, and can now be found {here}.

closed as belongs on {...} by {...}

(where {here} is the link to the new question)


  • it is a bit clearer to new users what has happened and why
  • it is easier to see where the new question is - what to click on
  • there aren't the "same label, different destination" phenomenon
  • just a bit less jarring


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This is a dupe... can't find it so far. I even think it was denied. – John the Seagull Sep 28 '09 at 7:12
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