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Empty tags are deleted after 24 hours, if I understand correctly.

Right now, on Mi Yodeya, we have a tag which has been used in the past which we do not want used. It currently has a warning as the tag wiki.

The tag right now has only one question, which was migrated and will be auto-deleted after enough time goes by. At that point, the tag will be deleted, and with it the warning will go.

Aside from randomly assigning a question to host that tag, is there a way to keep the warning? Is there an alternative suggestion of how to prevent users from using an unproductive tag?

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If the tag really makes absolutely no sense, and nobody should ever attempt to use it, you can request that it be blacklisted. You can also do this on your own site's meta; the devs will see it in 6 to 8 weeks...

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