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I understand you guys like to keep it simple and minimalistic, but drop-downs are really needed for the user-account link, so I can hop over directly to my asked question, recent activity etc.

Quick mockup:

user tools dropdown

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Now implemented -- note the clickable areas:


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Current method:

  • Click account link.
  • (optional) Click desired secondary destination.

New method:

  • Click dropdown to open.
  • Click desired secondary destination.

How is this proposal better? It's either the same or more clicks to do anything.

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It's the same clicks, but fewer page refreshes. – Joel Coehoorn Sep 30 '09 at 16:55
Not everyone has xxmbps connection like you, fortunately, do. :-) – Nimbuz Sep 30 '09 at 16:58
I don't think that click-count is the be-all and end-all of usability metrics. – Jeff Yates Sep 30 '09 at 17:16
Could also work via a hover - in a asimilar manner to the menus on Flickr – Rowland Shaw Sep 30 '09 at 17:48

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