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I suppose this isn't so much of a bug as an annoyance. Yesterday afternoon I checked my email and had a "1 question has 1 answer on ServerFault" email. I got excited (too excited probably), in hopes of having gotten a good answer. When I opened the email, though, the answer was one I had posted to my own question. I understand that answering your own question is likely a rare occurrence, but notification shouldn't be sent in that case. After all, the asker knows s/he answered the question, no?

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I know that this doesn't raise a notification on your own recent activity page. I have never had a chance to actually see if that is the case using the email notifications. If so that would be interesting.

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Did you answer under a different account? Maybe you could provide a link to the question in question, perchance??


here's the only account I could find for you:


maybe this question?


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Yeah Jeff, it was the splunk search question. Also, I do only have 1 account. – thepocketwade Jul 5 '09 at 22:12
Jeff, I have just seen the same behaviour with a question I asked on Super User. Strangely(?) the e-mail was not sent until nearly 2 days after I answered. – Dan Dyer Sep 25 '09 at 11:35

This also happened to me on StackOverflow when I answered my own question here:

Can I specify a range with the IntegerValidator attribute on a custom ConfigurationSection?

The email basically contains my own answer to this question, presumably because I've not yet marked it as accepted - I guess I should have turned off alerts for that question, but I wanted to leave it open for a while to see if anyone had any better ideas.

I don't have enough rep to edit the question to mark this as a bug ;)

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