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Searching Questions with n-Pages of Answers

Searching inside a question

Is it possible (and wouldn't it be a neat feature if not possible) to search inside a question.

For instance I was looking at


And was curious is x book was in there. But how do I search for that book inside this question?

I tried going to the main search bar and putting the title of the question and the title of the book but that did no return what I expected (had other posts).

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Probably duplicate: Searching Questions with n-Pages of Answers

However, I answer because I think this could be made possible in a different way than proposed in that question. Given the new search features ,why not allow us to provide the question ID in the regular search box:

question:1711 "code complete"

Would search on posts where postId = x or parentId = x.

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In most cases you can Ctrl+F to find something in the answers. There are very few questions with more than one or two pages of answers, which I think makes this feature only useful in a handful of cases.

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If the SO search fails you, you could always use Google. Just add "site:stackoverflow.com" to your query to filter results down to SO.

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For older questions you can write an sql query for the community dataset, which is easily accessible via http://data.stackexchange.com

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