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I got down-voters remorse, as I don't think I was being fair. But now its too late for me to reverse it. Any ideas please?

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In addition to @random's answer, you could also leave a comment asking the author to do a minor edit, so you can undo your vote.

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  • Bookmark the answer in your browser of choice. (Leave a note to yourself as to why you'll be coming back to the post.)
  • Continue using the site until you have at least 2000 juicy rep points.
  • Go back to the answer and edit it. This will reset the counter for votes.
  • Reverse your downvote to an upvote or just take back the vote.

Or just wait for them to edit their post and undo or reverse your vote then.

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Great, so the whole shortening of the vote lock-in time was pretty much useless to avoid vote fraud as along as you have enough privileges. – tvanfosson Oct 4 '09 at 13:25
If you edit the question/answer simply to change your vote, everyone can see it. So it's not totally useless. – Matthew Scharley Oct 4 '09 at 14:03

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