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I like the quick little stats page you land on when you go to the careers site, but it would be nice if this had some kind of RSS functionality. I don't like to check the sites, I like the sites to update me.

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In Soviet Russia, the sites update YOU! – Ether Oct 21 '09 at 22:20
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It'd have to be authenticated RSS, because that's not public. So you'd have to feed it your auth cookie. Just letting you know..

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Why couldn't the stats be public? – GEOCHET Oct 7 '09 at 19:41
I guess that's another question: how much of your CV should be public? right now, it's a private service entirely. Public face: SO. Private face: SOC. – Jeff Atwood Oct 7 '09 at 19:52
@Rich B - public stats could mean a hiring person might be influenced by the higher number of "CV Views" someone has. – seanmonstar Oct 7 '09 at 19:56
@seanmonstar: I didn't say it would be publicly browsable. – GEOCHET Oct 7 '09 at 19:58
@Jeff: Agreed. – GEOCHET Oct 7 '09 at 20:00

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