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So I wandered on over to SOC, just to check the place out... Turns out, there's not much to see without logging in. So, I tried to log in. And failed.

Seems the OpenID support was a tad broken initially. Slightly daunted, I grabbed a handy Google account and logged in with that. Entered a bunch of mostly-bogus information, clicked every button I could find, and finally, satisfied, wandered back here.

But I hate to just leave a bogus account laying around... Someone could trip over it and get hurt! So my first impulse is to delete it... But, I don't see an option for that. So maybe I could just associate my normal OpenID, and enter real data... But, I don't see an option for that either!

So, where's the control panel that lets me associate a new OpenID?

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Nothing at the moment. Email us directly on this (but use the right email, eg, the one at the bottom of every careers page..)

Edit: there's an accounts tab now; you should be able to handle this the same way you do on the trilogy sites. The code is the same, even if the UI is a little different.

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Done........... – Shog9 Oct 7 '09 at 20:29
I forwarded an email I originally sent to your team@stackoverflow.com account. Whoopsie. – George Stocker Oct 7 '09 at 20:57

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