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Do you have any experience with programming related questions in Ask Metafilter?

  • Do you get more experts there and are your answers better?

  • Do they reply quickly and does every question get answered, considering its a paid service?

The typical Ask Metafilter questions that I find using Google have excellent answers...

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The typical Stack Overflow questions that I find using Google have excellent answers, too. – Greg Hewgill Oct 8 '09 at 1:23
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I think it's a fairly radically different (and much wider) audience, so a bit of apples to oranges.

I am a big fan of Metafilter as covered on previous podcasts, though!

Not to knock MeFi at all, but SO, being a dedicated programming community, should do far better on prgramming questions -- and I'd be seriously concerned if it didn't.

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