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In the Experience section of my Stack Overflow CV, there's no place for me to put in jobs that have lasted less than a year (such as short term contracts).

Right now if I put a three month contract in, it makes it seem like I was employed there for an entire year, instead of 3 months.

It's pretty standard to have something like one of the three following headers for a job on your CV:

June 2008 - September 2008 (3-month Contract)
June 2008 - September 2008 (Contract)
June 2008 - September 2008

Feature Request

Add the ability to narrow down employment to Month/Year, and not just Year.

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You can already do this -- it's a free-form field with no validation.

I'll add this as example text so it is clearer that this is OK.

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The reason i thought you couldn't was that the box didn't seem to allow Month to be inserted; just year. – George Stocker Oct 9 '09 at 11:14

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