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When creating my CV, I had to choose between

  • C#
  • C#-1.0,
  • C#-2
  • .NET
  • etc

A person searching for CV will have to do the same. This will lead to a lot of CVs not being matched.


  1. Reduce the number of tags, so that there is only one C# tag etc
  2. Form the tags into a tree**S** (or graphs), so that when .NET is searched for all sub tags are found.
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  • C# and .NET aren't the same.
  • Which one would you choose? Would you really take C#-1.0 or C#-2.0 instead of the more general C#?

I think 99% of all people will choose C# in this example. The same should be true for other tags.

If one would like to do something about it: sort tags by occurrence or show it in brackets like this: C# (40000)

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if you are looking for a .net programmer, a C# programmer is lickly to be able to do the job! – Ian Ringrose Oct 12 '09 at 8:26

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