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What is the collation used for StackOverflow trilogy databases?

The intention of this question is optimize how one can do a search within SO sites.

My guess is that, collation is set to SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AI but I would like to know if case sensitivity or accents matter or not.

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Does this question belong here or on SO? hmm... – Sung Oct 11 '09 at 19:20
Here, for sure. – jjnguy Oct 12 '09 at 5:00
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Collation is currently set to SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS - the "why" is lost in antiquity.

We'll probably change it over to a case-insensitive collation at some point, but it's not a concern right now.

However, we're using SQL Server's Full Text Search, which is case-insensitive*, so the database collation shouldn't matter.

* only place I could find MS saying it's case-insensitive: (search for sensitive)

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