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Is there any way to appeal a deleted question? I spent a few minutes coming up with a constructive answer for a very badly worded question, and the whole lot just vanished a minute or so after I posted, no votes or anything. It's a bit annoying, since it was a genuinely interesting programming question (basically about building a custom linux distro/appliance to run an app inside, it used to live here). It was clearly an English-not-first-language user, and I really think if they had been given a chance to reword their question it would have been worth keeping.

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The user who posted the question deleted it. So I don't think the problem was that they didn't get a chance.

You can post the question yourself if you think it's interesting.

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OK, that explains it then! Thanks. I assumed an enthusastic moderater had smacked it :) I might recreate the question at some point, but it's caused me to get distracted and start playing with suse studio :) – Colin Pickard Oct 12 '09 at 16:52
Nah, we'd never do that. ahem. – Marc Gravell Oct 12 '09 at 16:54

It was deleted by the author (thanks for posting the link; it would have been hard to track without it); the system prevents against author-based deletions when a few answers are "in" and it is upvoted. You could always ask the question yourself, with your suitable wording? History suggests it may be an idea to leave it a little while before answering yourself, though. But answering your own question is fine.

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