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In regards to this question (but I have seen it quite often), what is the official policy (or the common practice) for what to do when someone posts a question as an answer to another question? I've seen this happen quite a few times, and I just flag it as "Needs Moderator Attention" but I feel bad putting any more work on moderators, I don't even know if it's worth their attention, and I don't even know what to do? Should we comment and tell them not to post questions as answers? Should we downvote?

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Flag it for moderator attention and we will delete it.

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Glad to know I've been doing it right. – Super Long Names are Hilarious Oct 14 '09 at 0:22

IMO I would comment on the question and tell him to ask it as a question and link to the original one.

I wouldn't downvote though.

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I wouldn't downvote either, but downvotes seem to happen to these a lot. The problem is that if this is a new user who never comes back, their garbage doesn't get cleaned up, so their question-answer stays there. Or is it not worth worrying about? – Super Long Names are Hilarious Oct 14 '09 at 0:01

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