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I posted a question on SO. At this time, I am seeing two answers to it. However, when I click on my "envelope" icon in the top navigation bar (next to my name) and look at the "Most Recent Responses" section, I see three responses. There is a response there that I do not see in the "one topic" view, and it has been like this for several minutes. What gives?

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Please look very, very closely at the date and times at the top of the /users/recent page.

Edit: one of the answers was deleted by the owner. C'est la vie.

Edit 2: OK, I finally fixed that long standing bug, so deleted answers should not show up in your /user/recent

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Thanks, I looked now. I don't get it. In "most recent responses", I see three responses, posted "31m" ago, "32m" ago and "37m" ago. 31m and 32m show up in the thread, 37m does not. How should I apply the date and times at the top of /users/recent to make more sense? –  Jaanus Oct 14 '09 at 0:45
Thanks for the fix, it is now less confusing, I no longer see the deleted answer. –  Jaanus Oct 14 '09 at 16:36

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